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  4. Frequently asked questions
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    4. Email registration

Registration FAQ

  • I want to prevent people from registering in a contest

    After version 1.3 email registering is switched off by default. As admin you can to set the Register field in the contest folder to control email registation.

    In versions before 1.3, you can disable registration by removing the register command from the guest profile. To manage the guest profile open the config/profiles/guest folder in the admin interface, them select the register item in the Authorized selector.

  • Registration seams to be working but emails are not being sent To be able to send email the server must have sendmail installed and configured. In the mail_log file in the contests/your_contest/groups folder you should find a pair of lines for each registration, the first written when Mooshak started sending the message and the last when it terminated.
    22.11.2004 18:31:38: sending to
    22.11.2004 18:31:38: OK sent to
    If an error occurs during this phase then the second line will have the error message generated by the sendmail.