shak's Help 

  1. System Concepts
    1. Programming Contests
    2. About Mooshak
    3. Automated Judging
    4. Ranking Rules
    5. Security
    6. Reliability
  2. Managing Programming Contests
  3. Mooshak interfaces
  4. Frequently asked questions
Mooshak's Help: Concepts

Mooshak's Concepts

In this page we start by introducing some background that relates to Mooshak and then give information on how Mooshak works and the decisions taken in order to judge contestants' submissions and how they are ranked in a contest.
Programming Contests
Brief background on programming contests: how they started, why are they useful, where do they take place.
About Mooshak
Short explanation on what is Mooshak and its main features.
Automated Judging
Explains Mooshak's approach to automated judging. Furthermore, explains the kind of messages might result from a submission evaluation and the rules to rank teams during the contest.
Ranking Rules
Details the rules used to produce a temas classification.
Details Mooshak's approach towards ensuring system security and integrity.
Details how Mooshak replicates data and computations to ensure system reliability.