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Adding groups and teams

Teams are usually created inside groups. Groups can be viewd as an Institution or a Country, and all teams inside a group share the same group-attributes (group nickname, display-colour, and country flag).

Inside the folder for the contest you are setting up, open the Groups folder and then to create groups and teams you can either do it step by step or else by importing data from a file.

Step by step:
  1. Add new group give a name to a new folder for the group under which some teams will be created.

  2. Define attributes for the group: open the group folder and define its attributes. Note that, designation stands for full group name as will appear in the certificates (usually University names), nickname is an abbreviation of the group name that will be prefixed to the team name displayed in the submissions list and classification interfaces. You can also define a display colour and country flag that all teams inside this group will share.

  3. Add new team the last attribute within a group definition allows one to give a name to a new folder to hold a team data.

  4. Define attributes for a team: open the team folder and define its attributes. You can define the name for the team, the keyword that the team must use to access the system during the contest (this keyword can be automatically generated with button Create Keyword), email for the team (relevant for online contests), and state whether the team qualifies for the official contest.

  5. Add a team member the last attribute within a team definition allows one to give a name to a new folder to hold a team-member data.

  6. Define attributes for a team-member: open the team-member folder and define its attributes. You can define the name of the team-member, specify whether he his a contestant or a coach, specify its sex (relevant for certificates), specify date he was born and last specify his email-address.

You have to repeat

  • steps 5 and 6 to create all members within a team;
  • steps 3 and 4 to create all teams within a group (and then steps 5 and 6);
  • steps 1 and 2 to create all different groups there will be in the contest (and then repeat steps 3 till 6 as necessary).

This process is cumbersome if you are adding too many groups and teams. In such case, we advice that you use the following alternative.

Importing data from a file:

Mooshak allows data describing groups and teams to be imported from a text file. In order to it, open the Groups folder and then press the button Import and give the file name.

The file being imported must be a text file with fields separated by tabs and must obbey the format supported by the ICPC central database, that is:

	GlobalId LocalId Role Name Institution Team 

Last, Mooshak also allows you export into a text file the data describing the participating teams. This feature may be of interest in case you need to do further processing on that data, namely produce labels for team-envelopes or produce a team-list for registration purposes.

In case you need to reuse the same team-data from a previous contest you can either export it into a file and import the file into the new contest, or else make use of folder copy/past facility provided by Mooshak.