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Confirm listings delievery

This task does not apply to online contests.

During a contest, contestants may print programs listings that must be quickly delievered to their desk (you need helpers for this task). For each listing made (or printout), mooshak prints a header page with the contestant name, assigns it a number and includes it in the Printouts list.

Once a printout is handed in, the header page should be returned to the judges. The judges can then mark it as having been delievered. This allows for teams to check whether their printouts have not been wrongly delievered as they must hold them in case they have been marked as delievered.

To mark a printout as delievered, the judges have to:

  1. Open the Pendings list or the Printouts list;

  2. Choose the printout to be marked: by clicking on its number;

  3. and then marking it as delievered.