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Problem set

The problem set in Mooshak comprehends the definition of problem descriptions in html, figures referenced within the html file, input and output test cases and official solutions for the problem. Each problem resides in a separate folder.

Inside the folder for the contest you are setting up, open the Problems folder and then to create the problem set you can either do it step by step or else by importing from a tar-file.

Step by step:
  1. Add new problem give a name to a new folder for the problem we are going to define.

  2. Define attributes for the problem: open the problem folder and define its attributes. The name you give to problem is the used in the Contestants interface and also in the submissions and classification views. Usually, the names are capital letters or numbers. The Wording attribute is where you should specify the html-file for this problem. The Program attribute allows you to specify a program source file that is a solution for this problem. Lastly, you can specify the time limit (Timeout attribute) for this problem. The time limit can be confirmed by the system once a solution program is given, just press the Test button.

    To complete the problem definition, you need to specify the test cases and images for the html-file within folders Tests and Images. Each test case should reside in a separate folder.

  3. Add new test case open the Tests folder and then give a name to a new folder where the input and out test files will be stored. For example, if you are defining the first test case of problem A, then call the first test case folder A1.

  4. Upload the input and output test files: open the test case folder and specify the test files for input and output.

You have to repeat

  • steps 3 and 4 to create all test cases for a given problem;
  • steps 1 and 2 to create all problems to be used in the contest (and then repeat steps 3 and 4 as necessary).

Please note that at every interface where you can upload a file (say a problem description, a program solution or input and output test files) you also have the opportunity to edit those files within Mooshak, once they have been uploaded. This gives administrators greater freedom to make quick fixes if necessary.

A faster process to add the problem set data into Mooshak is by doing the following.

Importing data from a tar-file:

Mooshak allows data describing the problem set to be imported from a tar-file. In order to it, open the Problems folder and then press the button Import and give the file name.

The tar-file being imported must group the files that make the problem set in a directory hierarchy as expect by Mooshak. For example, a tar-file for a problem set with 2 problems (A and B) with 2 test cases each would produce a directory hierarchy as follows (file names are just indicative):


Last, Mooshak also allows you export the problem set into an XML file (????). CONFERIR COM ZP QUESTAO DO XML.