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Printing command

In some contests it is reasonable to allow the teams to print their programs so that they can debug their programs offline. Mooshak allows you to define a printing command in which you specify the printer that should be used for the contest. To this do the following:

Inside the folder for the contest you are setting up, open the Printouts folder and then define the Command attribute with the printing command line that should be used by the system when contestants try to print program listings.

The command line must include a reference to the file to be printed using the variable $Programa. Other avaliable variables may be usefull if you want to print a cover page. The following table lists all the available variables.

$Equipa Name of the team requesting the printout
$Problema Reference of the problem being solved
$Programa File containing the program to be printed
$Tempo Time counted from the start of the contest

The distribution includes a printing command that produces a cover page. To use this command relace the command line with

/home/mooshak/bin/ $Equipa $Problema $Programa $Tempo