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Mooshak's Help: Security


One initial security issue is related with the system support for different types of users with different access permissions. This is handled by ensuring user authentication and then associate types of users with different interface views of the system.

The compilation and the execution of programs are the two most insecure points of a contest management system. Provided it fits in a single file, a team can submit virtually any program in one of the contest languages, including a bogus or malicious program capable of jeopardizing the system and ruin the contest. For that reason Mooshak compiles and executes programs in a secure environment, with the privileges of an insecure user and with several limits. Most of these limits are independent of problems, with the exception of execution timeout that is adjusted to each problem. The timeout for each problem is determined before the contest and it is the maximum time taken by the judges solutions, with all test cases, rounded up for the next integer (in seconds). The timeout for compilation is 60 seconds. The other resource limits enforced are listed in the following table with their default values in bytes (except for the number of child-processes).

Maximum limits Value
Process data segment 2 MB
Process stack segment 1 MB
Process RSS 4 MB
Output 100 KB
Source code 100 KB
Child processes 0 KB