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Evaluating submissions FAQ

  • I have a submission that Mooshak classifies as ... but when I run it on the shell it works just fine In Mooshak executions are similar to those you launch from the command line, but you have to have in mind that Mooshak uses a safe execution command to execute you program as an underprivileged user. To have exactly the same type of execution you use the following command line
    	~mooshak/bin/safeexec --exec $COMMAND_LINE
    In fact Mooshak invokes safexec with more command line options to enforce limits over system resources (memory, time, etc), but with this command line you may find, for instance, that your program requires certain environment variables that are not available to the safeexec user.

    Also, if you copy data files for the test vectors using the clipboard (CUT-PAST) that were produced in Windows then you should be aware that Mooshak runs in Linux and this system uses a single end-of-file character, instead of the sequence used by Windows.